The Yawning Portal

When you think of a base camp you wouldn’t be to blame for conjuring up images of tents and campfires, sleeping rough with rations cooked over the fire, or huddling together under cover through the rain and cold. However, the Yawning Portal Inn provides a modicum of comfort, relatively fine food and acceptable company with the added advantage of doubling up as a suitable base camp for the brave and the bold who dare to descend beneath Waterdeep and explore the halls of the mad arch-mage Halaster.

This unassuming looking Inn located off Belnimbra’s Street boasts a lively atmosphere and contains a well known feature at it’s heart. A wide range of clientèle provide a boisterous night of excitement for the tavern-goer as bets are placed on the successes and failures of those who descend down the infamous well in the common room for which the inn gets its name.

Drunken young nobles dare one another to go down the well and bring back a souvenir from the Undermountain, heartless knaves ply their trades on unsuspecting marks and those who provide services, ranging from incomplete maps of the dungeon, both forged and authentic, to priests offering blessings, do business here.

All in all it makes for an exciting atmosphere and a memorable evening of entertainment. The rest of the offerings the Yawning Portal has are of average quality. The food is functional, it warms and fills but there are finer tastes to be had and the ale is strong. The lodgings are quite modest however considering the alternative (a damp tent) for an adventurer they are downright luxurious. Durnan the innkeeper is a stern but kind sort, many a trouble maker has tasted a pewter mug slung from his meaty arms and he sells a variety of helpful tools for those venturing down below.

Overall I give the Yawning Portal 3 stars out of 5. If you’re the adventurous sort then I would consider it to be 4 stars out of 5.

The Yawning Portal

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