The Masked Lords

Waterdeep is ruled by a group of Lords known as the Masked Lords. Their identities are kept secret and could well be anyone on the street, you may think that I may be a Masked Lord though I certainly cannot comment on that.

The Masked Lords are so named for their robes and helm of office which conceals their identity from all manner of magical intrusion. Even the Masked Lords themselves cannot be sure of who their peers are. The only person who is permitted to know their identity is The Open Lord of Waterdeep who is the figurehead for governance in the city.

When out on official business the Masked Lords may appear in public in their full regalia. The only person who may ask them to remove their mask on such an instance is the Open Lord himself and they must do so or face immediate execution. Anyone caught impersonating a Masked Lord will also be executed.

Further, some may claim to be a Masked Lord to improve their standing, this is also dangerous as lying about whether one is a Masked Lord is also punishable by execution.

The Masked Lords

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