The Grinning Lion

Tucked away inside a block of homes and businesses just off Shando Street hides the Grinning Lion, adorned with battle trophies from all over Faerûn. The tavern is about as raucous as it gets in the North Ward. It’s often joked that the Riven Shield Shop sends all shields beyond repair to hang on the walls here (and it looks like it too.)

The music here is loud with male and female dancers in fantastically styled and revealing mock armour prance around the tables. Disputes are settled fairly quickly here as despite their condition the weapons on the walls are handy tools for the bouncers.

The food here is high quality, my recommendation is for the fried onions and eel. The drinks are fairly costly but the wine is much better quality than the wall ornaments.

Overall despite the awful choice in decoration I give the Grinning Lion 4 out of 5 stars.

The Grinning Lion

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