The Beer Golem

Clustered in the busy courtyard of businesses in the South Ward just of The Way of the Dragon is a small tavern called The Beer Golem. On the outside it appears to be standard Waterdeep fare but inside it is rather well decorated in a Dwarven style.

Carved stone and metal adorn the walls and it is a popular drinking hole for Dwarves in Waterdeep, though Waterdeep being Waterdeep there are patrons of all races here. The tavern boasts a rather unusual feature with a circular bar in the centre dominated by a formidable statue of a bronzen dwarf known as the Beer Golem. Crafted by the current owners grandfather this statue provides a seemingly everlasting supply of Dwarven ale allowing for extremely competitive prices.

The Beer Golem itself is worth visiting to see alone and the source of the ever flowing ale, well I won’t spoil the surprise. That said the food here is distinctly lackluster. Joints of ham and bread or the house special stew are served but after a suckle at the Beer Golem’s pump this issue seems to melt away, just like consciousness. There are no beds here so bear in mind passing out around rowdy Dwarves is not advisable.

Overall it is a great place to visit even if it is just to see the Golem in action, the whole establishment is geared towards drinking copious amounts so it is not for those who are easily intoxicated. Rumour has it that the Beer Golem is not just a statue but a real animated Golem who only reacts to significant disturbances. My visit was cut short as drunkenly removing one’s clothing does not appear to constitute a significant enough disturbance to awaken the Golem. Rather expect ridicule from the Dwarven owner on the size of your manhood and a short flight ending with a mouth full of cobbles.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Beer Golem

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