North Ward

The North Ward is quite possibly one of the quietest wards, second only to the City of The Dead. It’s also one of the quietest ward so if you’re looking to burgle anywhere then perhaps this is a better choice than the Sea Ward

Editor’s Note: Last warning Gideon, any more attempts at “humour” and we’ll be redact text. This isn’t funny.

The North Ward is home to Waterdeep’s middle class and lower nobility. There are few notable landmarks here and at dusk the ward all but shuts down. The placid reputation belies the intrigues and scheming behind closed doors, not to mention the reputation it has in some circles for being a safe haven to store smuggled goods. For example, when I was quaffing some fine ale down in the docks I overheard that REDACTED was running a successful REDACTED operation out of REDACTED REDACTED and he REDACTED REDACTED up the REDACTED covered in manure.

Editor’s Note: The editors would like to assure the reader that the above tale is untrue, the author admits this to be the case. Berendarr’s World of Words has redacted content to avoid any civil suit as a result of the author’s potentially libellous comments.

Notable Features
The Grinning Lion Tavern

North Ward

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