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The City of Splendors Traveller’s Guide Contents

An Introduction to the Wards
Sea Ward
North Ward
Castle Ward
Trades Ward
City of the Dead
Dock Ward
South Ward
Deepwater Harbour

Lodgings and Taverns
The Silken Sylph – Sea Ward
The House of Purple Silks – Sea Ward
The Grinning Lion – North Ward
Holyhands House – North Ward
The Jade Jug – Castle Ward
The Smiling Siren – Castle Ward
The Yawning Portal – Castle Ward
Maelstrom’s Notch – Trades Ward
Gondalim’s – Trades Ward
Selûne’s Smile – Dock Ward
The Thirsty Throat – Dock Ward
The Purple Palace – Dock Ward
The Spouting Fish – South Ward
The Beer Golem – South Ward

Shopping and Amenities
Halazar’s Fine Gems – Sea Ward
Downybeard Tobacconist – North Ward
Tirelessly Turning Wheel Caravan Curios From All Far Faerûn – North Ward
Halls of Hilmer, Master Armourer – Castle Ward
Balthorr’s Rare and Wondrous Treasures – Castle Ward
Paethir’s Pipeweed – Castle Ward
Old Knot Shop – Castle Ward
Thentavva’s Boots – Trades Ward
Saern’s Fine Swords – Trades Ward
Surtlan’s Metalwares – Trades Ward
Rejviik’s Mortuary – Trades Ward
Felhaur’s Fine Fish – Dock Ward
Melgard’s Fine Leathers – Dock Ward
The Old Xoblob Shop – Dock Ward
House of Pride Perfumes – Dock Ward
Brian the Swordmaster’s Smithy – Dock Ward
Laran’s Cartographers – South Ward
Berendarr’s World of Words – South Ward

Leisure and Entertainment
Heroes’ Garden – Sea Ward
Field of Triumph – Sea Ward
Sea’s Edge Beach – Sea Ward
High Flagon Gambling House – Sea Ward
Mother Tathlorn’s House of Pleasure – Castle Ward
The House of Song – Trades Ward

Temples and Religion
Church of Cyric
Church of Gond
Church of Kelemvor
Church of Lathander
Church of Loviatar
Church of Mystra
Church of Oghma
Church of Selûne
Church of Shar
Church of Talos
Church of Tyr
Church of Umberlee

List of Registered Guilds and their Locations

Politics and Governance
The Masked Lords
The Open Lord
Crime and Punishment

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