The City of Splendors Traveller’s Guide

Confused by the cobbled streets? Bemused by the bazaar? Thirsty for a warm tavern? Fear not weary traveller, I, the most knowledgeable and handsome guide in all of the Realms, have your back! I’ve sniffed out the best deals, the finest food and the most curious locations in the shining jewel of the Sword Coast. So come along, pack your bags and delve into Waterdeep!
Gideon the Guide

Editor’s note: Berendarr’s World of Words is not liable for any injury, loss of property, illness or for any loss resulting from reliance on the advices and recommendations made by Gideon the Guide. The views and opinions presented in this guide areally those of the author and not necessarily those of the editorial staff.

Expedition to Undermountain